WFS Tracks

A 360º view on the topics most relevant to the the football industry

  • Performance
    Discovering the trends and dynamics aimed at maximizing player performance
  • SportsTech
    Discovering new frontiers for football in the intersection of football and technology
  • Blockchain, NFTs & AI
    Making tangible how the disruption of the future impacts the beautiful game today.
  • Partnerships & Fan Engagement
    Identifying new ways to involve fans and brands to find new sources of business growth.
  • Broadcasting & OTTs
    The game is the same, but the way to consume it is so different. How are fans interacting with sport?
  • Women's Football
    Helping unlock the next level of growth for the women’s game
  • Finance & Investment
    Distilling the keys to growing sustainabily
  • Governance & Legal
    New business models require new governance and legal frameworks to commit to.
  • Purpose, Sports Integrity & Ethics
    Football has the power to change the world. Learn from the experts making it happen.
  • Sustainability
    Football needs our planet. Our planet needs football. 
  • eSports
    Different worlds but the same principals and values. Is this the new frontier for sport?