After successfully celebrating 16 events, including a previous edition of #WFSAsia, WFS has consolidated itself as the global leading platform and event for the football industry.
Linking your brand to the WFS platform stands for high-level networking, business opportunities and visibility, as demonstrated by the more than 10 million € in communication value that WFS has generated, placing itself at the center of the industry’s most popular sport, a sector currently going through frenetic and constant growth.
The mission of WFS is to become a platform for the sector, which is why we work individually with all our partners, sponsors and clients in order to provide them with the best solutions that can meet their needs.
We are looking for partners to accompany us on our journey and build lasting collaborations, which is probably why 3 out of 4 sponsors choose to renew with WFS.

Past wfs sponsors

Banco Santander

“WFS is not Important but indispensable… there are many important things in life, but only a few indispensable ones”

Javier Tebas, President – LALIGA