Andrea Agnelli

Bringing such a Forum in a country like Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur specifically can only benefit the whole industry

Javier Tebas

We have to be in Asia because it’s a key market in the development of the football industry

Emilio García Silveiro

I think that it’s really a nice idea to put in place WFS there, in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Congratulations!

Jenna Pelkey

Asia is showing extraordinary growth, extraordinary impact, whether it’s sport, it’s economics, it’s business, it is something you need to be aware of

Luis Vicente

It is very exciting to see World Football Summit going to Asia and of course I wish you all the success and I think Malaysia will be a good home for WFS, that’s for sure

Domingos Soares de Oliveira

I think the centre of the football industry is moving east, that’s for sure. I think that the opportunities in Asia are very important

Alejandro Irarragorri

Bringing WFS will definitely make links and will show our different opinions and the different situation that every market is living

Georg Pangl

A very smart move and decision to go to Kuala Lumpur and hopefully we’ll be able even as European Leagues to make it to go there to widen our horizon

Russell Stopford

The fact that there is going to be a WFS in Asia is really important for us and we’ll be taking a look at the topics that will be discussed there

Tom Thirlwall

WFS Asia is an event we’ll certainly be in because it’s an extraordinary opportunity for the game if they fully embrace the Asian fans

Edmund Chu

It´s about time that you guys make your way over to Asia. I´m sure that there is going to be a lot of people from all over Asia and all over the world that will attend

Alexey Sorokin

It’s clear that Asia is more and more interested in football, and of course it is only right that you are doing WFS there. I wish I was there!

Eric Geng

Asia is always a great place to explore: you have the growth, you have great possibilities, so the sky is our limit there

Pablo Dana

Positioning WFS in Asia is something key, very important and I’ll take that as an invitation so I’ll see you in K.L.

Andrea Sartori

it’s a great idea that you are taking WFS to Kuala Lumpur, Asia is a market that offers many many opportunities, and they can benefit tremendously from an event like this

Mariano Elizondo

The Asian market is avid to learn from experiences and to exchange information

Ivan Codina

I’m looking forward to the event in Asia, there are a lot of opportunities that are still unlocked in the market

Tom Braun

Asia is certainly presenting a very unique opportunity and a challenge for anyone entering the market

Carlos Suárez

I think that you have chosen a spectacular place for this event. Let’s hope, as I said, that we can participate too

Julio Senn

WFS Asia means a step towards the globalisation of this event, which is undoubtedly necessary

“A fantastic lineup of speakers and attendees”

Peter Vesterbacka – Global Entrepreneur