Senior Advisor to the Secretary General – Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

Mushtaq Al Waeli

Al-Waeli has held a number of senior management positions in Qatar’s sports industry, including being the current senior advisor at the president of the Qatar Stars League and being the executive director, strategic planning and institutional development at the Qatar Football Association. Previously, he held the position of being the executive director and COO at the ASPIRE – Academy for Sports Excellence for five years. Al-Waeli brings his skills of professional management, strategic and business planning, education industry knowledge, management accounting, investment and consultancy services to the Josoor Institute team. He has a strong belief in principle-based performance that perfectly aligns organisational values with personal values.

At Josoor Institute, Al-Waeli’s role is to support the Secretary General and to lead, in conjunction with the Board, the development of Josoor Institute’s strategy and to lead the management team to achieving its goals and standards. He has played a pivotal role in the founding and establishment of Josoor Institute.