Senior Director of Strategic Business Development – China Sports Media

Eric Geng

Eric Geng is the senior director at China Sports Media (CSM), which is the leading sports marketing agency in China. CSM currently owns the media rights of Chinese Super League, Chinese FA Cup and Team China. CSM also produces the signal for nearly 90% of professional football matches in China. Boosted by an experienced and connected sponsorship sales team, CSM helps Portuguese National Football Team and Argentinian National Football Team secured their first Chinese sponsor in history before 2018 FIFA World Cup respectively. Eric leads international business at CSM, ranging from media rights acquisition and distribution, sponsorship, investment to PR.

Prior to CSM, Eric was the senior principle at China Media Capital (CMC), and played an important role in CMC’s investments in City Football Group (CFG), CAA, Formula E Holdings, Cubee and Haiqiu etc. Eric was also responsible for post-investment management of CSM, CFG, Cubee and Haiqiu during his CMC tenure.

Eric has more than 10 years’ experience in Chinese sports industry, and holds a Master Degree of Sport Management from Loughborough University.